From learning what vegetables and insects should feed them, to the frequency of feeding bearded dragons of all ages, even understanding how to use vitamins and supplements. All agreed that the start of raising a bearded dragon definitely needs to do some research! I hope that no matter how old your bearded dragon, this post will answer any questions you may have about not only how often to feed them but also what to feed them. So when to feed bearded dragons?

when to feed bearded dragons


How To Feed a Bearded Dragon?

Since the bearded dragons had such a tame demeanor. It is usually very easy to feed it as long as it is in good health. Sometimes bearded dragons will eat right from your hand. Or a bowl, similar to how a dog would.

In addition, it is best to include a bearded dragon in your feeding routine. Once your bearded dragon gets used to the habit. It will wait nervously as it starts to get closer to feeding time.

However, bearded dragons require different diets at different stages in their lives. Food requirements for baby bearded dragons are much different from adults.

Here we will look at how to raise a bearded dragon at each stage in its life.

How Often Do Bearded Dragon Eat?

1. Adults bearded dragon

Adult bearded dragon or those over 18 months old, you only need to be fed once a day. Now, if you miss a date here and there, it won’t mean the end of the world. However, you should really try to feed your bearded dragon once a day.

A healthy adult bearded dragon should eat about 10 crickets a day, 20 crickets every other day.

Super worms are so rich in protein, you won’t need to overdo them. Therefore, you should aim to feed your adult bearded dragon about 7 to 10 super worms every other day.

2. Baby bearded dragon

Baby bearded dragon NEEDS to eat several times a day. For babies under 3 months, it is recommended to feed them 5 times a day.

Infants 3-6 months should be fed 3-4 times a day, while six-month-old babies should be fed 3 times a day, reduced to 2 times a day when the baby is almost one year old.

Around 12 months of age, be prepared to start incorporating more vegetables into your bearded dragon’s diet. This should be around 70% vegetables and 30% salad.

For babies under 3 months, feed them as many crickets as they eat in 5-10 minutes increments, 5 times a day.

For infants 3 to 12 months old, reduce these feedings to 4 times a day, then 3 times a day, and finally 2 times a day by 12 months of age.

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How Many Days Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Eating?bearded dragon

Just like with humans, this answer will vary slightly depending on the current health of the bearded dragon.

But normally, a fully healthy adult dragon can live from a few weeks to 3 months without eating food.

Can You Overfeed a Bearded Dragon?

Overfeeding your child may cause painful constipation, or worse, the formation of a mass of food in his or her stomach. The result is repulsion, pressure on the spinal nerves, causing paralysis in the back part.


I sincerely hope you now understand the frequency of feeding your bearded dragon or when to feed bearded dragons. As dragons have mature antennae, feeding them becomes extremely easy and inexpensive with just one feed per day.

If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, you can always pre-prepare your beard dragon salad. It really helps to cut downtime in the morning.

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