Have you ever heard of Clydesdale? This legendary horse, characterized by its special appearance and personality, is one of the most majestic horses in the world.

With an average height of 64 to 72 inches and the weight of an adult up to over 1,800 pounds, Clydesdale is a symbol in the parade army for the Royal Household Cavalry congress. This horse is also used by the Budweiser beer brand as its representative image.

“How big it is! Such a giant horse!” – You may exclaim, I bet. But wait! Are there any horses bigger than a Clydesdale? Not a tough question as the answer is YES! Don’t believe us? Let’s check them out.

Clydesdale horse

Clydesdale- the representative image of Budweiser

What Horse Is Bigger Than A Clydesdale?


shire horse

The Shire is considered “ a giant”

“Hey, stop! Is this Clydesdale?”- you may ask. But sorry! No. This horse is the Shire- a Belgian draft horse.  Clydesdale and Shire are two horse breeds native to Europe. They bear a great resemblance, but the difference between them is still recognizable.

What is easily recognized when you first approach this horse is that the Shire has less hair on its legs. In addition, its head is longer and thinner than Clydesdale.

The Shire is considered “ a giant” as the height and weight of the largest Shire ever recorded are 86 inches and 3300 pounds respectively. So impressive, right? But remember don’t call it Clydesdale, Shire may be mad at you!


The tallest horse in the world today is Big Jake of the Belgian Gelding breed. This horse is up to 2.1 m high before iron nails and possesses super weight weighing up to 1.1 tons.

Although quite large and even oversized, Big Jake is very gentle and always friendly to curious people who want to approach him. If you have the opportunity, come and visit this special horse! He is waiting to bring you many intriguing experiences.

gelding horse

Big Jake of the Belgian Gelding breed


Percheron is a draft horse native to western France. In addition to being famous for his intelligence and willingness to work, this horse is also famous for his “great index” of height and weight. You know why?

Here is the answer: The average Percheron horse is 60 inches to 76 inches high and weighs up to 2,600 pounds. But fear not, they are quite gentle!

Percheron horse

Percheron  is also famous for his “great index” of height and weight

In Conclusion

No need to argue, now you can confidently say a big YES when someone asks you if there’s a horse bigger than a Clydesdale.

The legendary horse Clydesdale is very brave and majestic, but if you want to admire and experience the feeling of sitting on the back of robust horses, there are many bigger horses ready to serve you!