Playing sports daily is considered the golden key in improving health and maintaining fitness. Besides, practicing sport regularly also brings many large benefits that you may not know. Let’s discover the benefits of playing sports, to have more motivation for life.

The benefits of playing sports

According to research by many experts, the opinions of many doctors and the practical experiences of many people, playing sports brings the following practical benefits:

1. Maintain a reasonable weight, improve physique

While playing sports, the body will have the process of burning calories, reducing the amount of cholesterone and excess body fat. Helps you maintain a healthy weight and improve a healthy and toned physique. Those who are overweight and obese, if they practice sports, burn a lot of energy with a reasonable and scientific weight loss diet, the chance to get back in shape very quickly, with time to improve with clear results. marked in just 1 month.

2. Reduce stress

Practicing sport regularly not only burns calories but also releases the hormones serotonin and dopamine, which have an effect on stress and anxiety. Playing sports regularly with teammates, friends … you will feel more relaxed and comfortable, stresses and worries in life will be eliminated, replaced by the spirit of pride, joy and comfort.

3. Brain improvement

Playing sports with vigorous exercise will increase the amount of oxygen in the brain. The brain absorbs enough oxygen to help the blood circulate, improve memory, concentrate and limit severe headaches due to stressful work.

4. Support for treatment of depression

Team sports activities such as cycling, yoga, playing badminton, tennis … help increase nerve conduction and increase the hormones endorphine and se’rotonine. This makes you happier and happier. On the other hand, playing team sports or team sports will help you to have positive thoughts; For people with signs of depression, it will help them get closer, friendlier and more sociable.

5. Improve the sex life

The benefits of playing sports are evident in the sex life. According to research results, if women will practice yoga exercises, walking …; Men participate in activities such as soccer, badminton … will help both sublimate in the room. Women will improve the decline in sexual desire, while men will increase physiological, improve erection.

6. Helping the cardiovascular system healthy

According to research results of many experts, exercise and sports will help blood flow to the brain more easily, increase the amount of oxygen circulating throughout the body, limit the appearance of blood clots, thereby very Beneficial for the cardiovascular system and blood pressure.

With 6 benefits of playing sports that are good for life and health like these, I think if you can maintain this activity every day, how much healthier, happier and happier people will be.

Additional energy for the body after sports activities

Playing sports is very good for your health, helps blood circulation, healthy heart, happy spirit … however after playing sports, after burning energy, it takes a lot of calories and water through the sweat glands, the body Electrolytes need to be replenished in order to quickly restore energy.

Usually right after practicing and playing sports, we usually give the body water immediately. However, do you know that if you only use plain water, your body will only be hydrated without minerals to help your body recover.

A Japanese secret, which has been recommended by many researchers and scientists for sports practitioners is to drink alkaline water rich in hdyro with the following properties:

  • Naturally alkaline rich : alkaline ionized water is recommended by experts because it has high natural alkalinity. 8.5 – 9.5. If you use alkaline water on a regular basis, it will help neutralize the excess acid that exists in the body due to eating a lot of acidic foods, stress, inappropriate resting regimen … Neutralizing excess acidity will help the body healthy, prevent and prevent many dangerous diseases such as stomach, cancer, gout, diabetes …
  • Rich in essential micronutrients such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium . These are natural minerals that are essential for the body, especially after sports activities, when the body loses some calories of energy, the alkaline ionized water after the activity will help the body quickly recover. energy balance.
  • Rich in dissolved hydrogen , prevents the development of free radicals, strengthens the natural immune system, helps fight oxidation that takes place in the body.
  • Composed of microscopic water molecules , it helps water quickly absorb, purify and eliminate toxins in the body.

With these healthy properties, hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water is a smart and scientific choice for those who need to replenish energy after burning calories, the body is in a state of need for additional energy.

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